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Shycocan Developers Hold a Webinar to Showcase its Device


Enterprise grade build with superior components and longer durability

1 year On-site replacement Warranty in major cities.

Professional services designed for enterprises, on request

At Shycocan, we welcome the opportunity to speak with potential partners, customers, or anyone with an interest in learning more about the transformative potential of our technology.


Shycocan Corporation is the supplier of the Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device (‘Shycocan VAD’), a device that neutralizes up to 99.9% of certain classes of viruses, only if the device is installed, operated and maintained as prescribed and under pre-defined conditions, as proven in virology lab test reports. Shycocan Corporation, its parent entities, and its associated, subsidiary, joint venture companies, and their respective promoters, shareholders, directors, management, managers, employees, distributors and channel partners and agencies shall bear no liability personally, individually, jointly or severally to any person or persons using the Shycocan VAD, or to any person or persons who the users of Shycocan VAD intend to protect, and they shall bear no liability whatsoever to any person whomsoever who may catch any infection at any place prior to or after leaving those areas where the Shycocan VAD  is installed and operational. Shycocan Corporation is committed to keeping its customers safe, protected and to help bring business back to business, and life back to normal, but our customers are requested to take all precautions prescribed by the government health authorities in their respective countries to ensure that they and their customers, employees, visitors and families remain safe.