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The infodemic we must contain

If there is one thing that spreads faster than the virus and affects more people, it’s misinformation. You might have received so many write-ups and links that identify and propagate several solutions to the problems we now face in the pandemic. 

And these solutions come from helpful people. Sadly, in their eagerness to help, some people with the right intention end up causing more damage than they think. While we try to disable this virus, let’s try and disable some beliefs out there too. Here’s how, we can do our bit in ensuring this infodemic dies down. 

Myth #1: Everything you read online is true

You’re bombarded with info on chat forums and social media apps. Your fellow group members share tons of stuff. Some seem informative, others are cautionary in nature. The do-gooders spread solutions to cure COVID-19, and the naysayers trash every bit of info they set their sight on. 

Verify a forward, before you forward it. Do not share the link without checking the authenticity of that information. Even if it is a message that gives contact numbers of oxygen cylinder services or a hospital for bed or anything else that might be useful. When you verify, you can claim authenticity or warn others who forward without doing so. 

Myth #2: Vitamins and mineral supplements cure COVID-19.

Vitamin D, C and zinc are all good for you, but, sadly, they will not help cure COVID-19. They are at best good at strengthening your immunity and giving you a healthy life. If you are COVID-19 positive, talk to a doctor. And please do not self-medicate. 

Myth #3: Hydroxychloroquine has clinical benefits in treating COVID-19

We wish it did. But, it’s good effects are limited to treating malaria and autoimmune diseases. More research is needed to currently establish it as a good treatment for COVID-19.

Myth #4: Don’t wear a mask while exercising.

Wear it every other minute you’re coming into contact with a possibly infected person. For your safety, please regard every single person outside your family to be a carrier of the virus and maintain distance. A mask tend to reduce your comfort while breathing when you exercise with it. 


Myth #5: Exposing yourself to the sun or going out in temperatures over 25 degrees protects you from COVID-19

Countries with hot weather and cold weather are suffering from the pandemic. There is no reason why COVID-19 will not step out if the weather is bad. You, on the other hand benefit greatly by not stepping outdoors especially if there’s a lockdown or curfew recommended by the authorities. In case you absolutely have to step out, then practicing guidelines prescribed by the W.H.O. including social distancing, sanitising hands regularly, wearing a mask of course is essential.

Myth #6: Being able to hold your breath for 10sec or more without any discomfort means you’re safe

Nothing can replace a medical test to see if you are COVID-19 positive. Please do not check your lung capacity with home-made tests and miss out on the chance for early treatment. 

Myth #7: Water or swimming transmits the COVID-19 virus.

Water is not a good conductor of COVID-19 while swimming, but it is important that you aren’t swimming next to a person who is infected with the virus. Avoid crowds and maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from each other in the pool too. 

Myth #8: Shoes that have travelled outside can be dangerous inside

The chances of COVID-19 spreading via footwear is very low. However, we suggest you don’t walk inside the house with your shoes on. It is best to keep them out of the common areas. Especially, if you have a crawling baby at home. 

Myth #9: Antibiotics can cure COVID-19

Coronavirus is caused by a family of viruses called Coronaviridae. And antibiotics can’t really work on them. However, when someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can also develop a bacterial infection as a complication. That is when antibiotics are administered. 

Otherwise, there really isn’t any licensed medication to treat COVID-19. Best to get in touch with a doctor. Please don’t self-medicate.

Myth #10: Masks cause CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency

This is a myth we need to unmask right away. Surgical masks are flat or pleated and worn around the ears or the head. The prolonged use of these masks can be uncomfortable. But, it is always a much needed protector. Please wear it correctly, ensure it fits well and never re-use it. If it ever gets damp, throw it away and use another fresh one. 

Myth #11: Adding pepper to your soup or eating spicy food prevents COVID-19

Hot food, whether well-heated or well-spiced cannot prevent COVID-19. Instead, eat right, nutritious food, exercise, drink plenty of water and keep your health and fitness in great shape. 

Myth #12: Houseflies and mosquitoes transmit COVID-19

Houseflies and mosquitoes haven’t been spoken to yet, but till date, there has been no evidence of houseflies transmitting COVID-19. However, droplets from sneezing, coughing does spread the virus. So, mask up, sanitize your hands and keep at least a 1-metre distance from everyone. 

Myth #13: Drinking sanitizers will keep you safe

In fact, it will do just the opposite. Please do not attempt to introduce any sanitizing solution or bleach into your system. It is very harmful. 

Myth #14: 5G mobile networks spread COVID-19

We’re surprised that we have to clear this myth. Some misinformed links and articles have propagated this belief. But, rest assured, that telecom networks are extremely safe. You can use them to make calls to your loved ones from far and stay in touch without stepping out. 

Myth #15: Getting COVID-19 once means you will have it for life

People who recover from COVID-19 eliminate the virus from their bodies. Just make sure you treat your symptoms early on so that you don’t have to struggle more in recovery.

Myth #16: Alcohol prevents COVID-19

No it doesn’t. In fact, it will harm your health and probably make you adopt a sedentary lifestyle when you should be prioritising your health and fitness during this pandemic. 


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