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How to build/re-build your business in the lockdown?

10 important tips for entrepreneurs on behalf of Mr. Alok Sharma, CEO, Shycocan. 

Over the last year, we’ve lowered our resistance to lockdowns as we understand their importance  in keeping us safe. However, from a business point of view, it has been a mixed bag. Some  businesses stand to gain from it, while many others have found it difficult to stay afloat in the ‘New Normal’. If anything, we’ve lost more livelihoods than lives in this pandemic. And we can’t  afford to do that anymore. Entrepreneurs come with various leadership styles to combat  unprecedented situations, but, keeping business going doesn’t have to mean that growth  opportunities can’  

As waves of the pandemic continue to surge at periodic intervals; businesses are yet to get back  to business fully. The New Normal is anything but normal. And if you are a business owner in this  current context, you will have to pivot to new thinking to keep the business afloat. After all, entrepreneurs like you are some of the most resilient breed of human beings we have. 

You may be a nimble footed business doing a few of these things already, but it just helps to look  at the possibilities for you to grow your business during these times. 

Tip 1: Data Management for business continuity 

Data is everything. Keeping it safe is as important as making it available to the key employees.  Ensure continuity in your business by transporting all your data to the cloud. You and your  employees can work from anywhere and ensure your business continues to run smoothly.  

Tip 2: Go Digital or go home 

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean the end of everything. Especially relationships with your  customers. Keep in touch with them using digital tools. Organize workshops, webinars,  conferences and keep the momentum going. Engagement doesn’t have to suffer given that  everyone has adapted to the new normal. 

Tip 3: Social Media Marketing 

The drop in pace around us has thrown up some time for learning. Take a free course online to  learn how to work on your social media marketing skills. Use these skills to reach relevant  audiences online while they stay at home and scroll endlessly. 

Tip 4: Stay relevant 

Make things relevant at a product and marketing level. See how you can add value to the  environment around you. Look for ways to ensure there is a new found relevance to your brand  given the new context. Look at innovative schemes and offers for your loyal customers. Keep  them interested. Keep them engaged. 

Tip 5: Staff Health & Wellness  

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Keep them covered with insurance and  ensure you provide a safe environment for them at work. Enrol them for the vaccine and help  them deal with any untoward situations that may arise in their lives or their family’s.  At this unfortunate hour, the most important thing is to communicate with them and show  empathy towards their needs too.  

Tip 6: Plan for no plan 

Uncertainty is all around us. From a business perspective, the environment can change drastically  around us. Be nimble footed and take quick and sharp decisions.  

Tip 7: Embrace new technologies for sanitisation 

Emerging technologies for the safety of your business establishment is out there. Read up, go and  seek demos to understand how new devices, tech can be used to keep your store or office space  safe. Traditional methods will always be available, but in the world of smart technology, devices  like the Shycocan can make spaces extremely safe from the transmission of viruses in the current  pandemic. 

Tip 8: Network from home 

You don’t have the luxury of stepping out to network with partners, customers, and prospective  clients anymore. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop networking. Focus on relationships that  will help you in the short term and the long terms. Collaborate with other business owners to find  news to reinvent your offerings. When business is back to normal, these will come very handy in  the next phase of growth.  

Tip 9: Focus on mental health  

Everyone has been through a lot. Whether it is you or your employees, start carving out time for  recreation, team bonding and just relaxation. Look at adopting a 5 day week if you can. Get staff on rotation to ensure that they get time off. And ensure that the pressure doesn’t get to them  where they can’t differentiate between personal time and office time. Mental fortitude is very  critical to overcome the challenges we face today and we need to build it with great care and  concern. Go easy on yourself and stop being critical of yourself in these times.  

Tip 10: Follow the consumer  

People’s lives and priorities have changed due to the times we live in. The consumer profile you  once had, is no longer valid. Understand how they have changed and cater to new and emerging  needs. Who knows, you might unlock a new business opportunity whilst doing this exercise.


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